The current unprecedented rise in Energy prices is having a significant impact on all businesses.

Our mission is to help you to have the best information to make the right decisions for your business.  We’ll provide full market quotes and clarify the impact of government support and how it will help you.

We will also help to reduce water and merchant services fees with the best providers in the market

Who are Circle17?

Circle17 are specialist Energy and Utility Consultants. We have an extensive network of partners who refer customers to us.  The business is growing from strength to strength built on brilliant customer service and great relationships with customers and suppliers.

Meet the team

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Mike Dooley

Chief Executive
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Michael Brian

Managing Director
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Chris Wensel

Vice President
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Richard Muldoone

Legal Officer
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Maria Andaloro

HR Officer
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Marian Chris

Global Sales

We're making business utilities simple, affordable and transparent.


1,713 Completed switches, and 1,000+ Happy Customers trust us.

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Our business is built on first class customer service. If you need help, a knowledgeable, friendly human will be there for you.

Whether you’re looking for a new supplier, reducing your carbon footprint or managing your day-to-day accounts, your needs are at the heart of what we do. 

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