Merchant Services

Exceptional card payment solutions for all businesses, large or small.

Increase your profit by reducing your utility costs

We helped customers enjoy huge savings on their business utility bills by helping them to switch to cheaper tariffs.

Exceptional card payment solutions for all businesses, large or small.

If you are a merchant exploring the market for a card payment solution and looking to partner with an award-winning service provider, NetPay have a solution ready to support you – 24/7/365.

Key Points


Fast Setup

Within 3 days after signing up, the card machine will be with you and ready to use.


Simple Paperwork

Quick and simple sign up – no large documents to read.


Works out of the box

When you receive your terminal, it’ll be setup and ready to use. Just plug it in and start taking payments.


At NetPay, we offer many services which are at your disposal. This ensures you’re able to take payments in all variants, thus not limiting your business abilities.


NetPay Merchant Services is an award-winning provider of face to face and online payment services and part of NetPay Solutions Group. The business delivers innovation beyond the transaction through its unique, proprietary technology. The NetPay Revolution platform delivers automated boarding capability as well as transaction reporting and insight supporting our customers in making informed financial decisions.

Our services are principally distributed through more than 100 strategic partners covering a broad spectrum of industries, business types and sizes. Our partners consist of telecoms and utility providers, web design agencies, franchises as well as other payment services businesses.

How it works

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