Terms and Conditions

In this document you will find the terms and conditions of services for Circle17 Ltd. It is important that you read these terms and conditions as these principal terms will come into effect once a customer uses any of Circle17 limited services.

Price Comparison / Contract Renewal

Circle17 will look to ensure the customer obtains a price comparison document to ensure they can see all the supplier costs and different terms. This will also show the p/kw uplift across all options so to provide full transparency. Circle17 will then work with the customer to match the best solution to their needs which may not always be the cheapest offer.

Circle17 looks to provide the customer with impartial information on supplier’s prices in relation to the services and products offered by the supplier. Within the price comparison circle17 will discuss options for consideration by the customer and will use its reasonable endeavours to collect, present and secure as favourable and competitive prices as possible.

Circle17 do reserve the right to revise, amend and withdraw any quotation at any time upon informing the customer. The customer agrees to provide Circle17 Ltd with accurate information to allow accurate quotations to be obtained by Circle17 and across several suppliers – including estimated or actual usage of energy, contract end dates and other know factors that may influence prices and quotations. Letter of Authority (LOA) Circle17 will always request and obtain a relevant LOA to work on behalf of the customer. Any information not provided by the customer deemed vital to the accuracy of a quotation can be obtained on the customers behalf upon receipt of a signed letter of authority.

This will authorise Circle17 to liaise directly with the customers’ existing supplier to obtain key terms of the customers current contractual arrangements, including contract end date/s, notice period, termination process, current prices, energy consumption and meter types. This letter will be sent to the customers’ supplier/suppliers to aid only in the services we are being asked to provide.


The provision of any quotation by a supplier from Circle17 does not constitute an offer to the customer and offers will each have their own terms and conditions to review depending on the supplier.

If the customer accepts a quotation and a contract is executed between the customer and the supplier, the contract is binding, and the customer will not be permitted to revoke such an acceptance. Currently business energy contracts DO NOT have any cooling off period, and this is an industrywide regulation.

Energy prices fluctuate daily, and we will always attempt to help secure competitive rates/tariffs to enable switching or renewal, however due to these fluctuations we cannot guarantee any quote is the “cheapest”.

Suppliers shall be entitled at any time to refuse to accept a customer’s offer of acceptance at their discretion.

Switching Service

If the customer wishes to enter a contract based on a quotation provided by Circle17 and if the suppliers accept the customer, Circle17 will provide a renewal service which will include organising the contract between the business energy/water supplier and the customers for the purchase and supply of the energy/water services. The customer will be informed in advance of the renewals being obtained so a joint understanding of the offers can be discussed. The customer will always make the final decision on the renewal or new supplier contract and quotation.

Circle17 will not be responsible for any delays or failures caused by either the customer, the proposed supplier, or any existing supplier in relation to affecting any transfer. Circle17 will however communicate any delays and offer advice and help to resolve these issues to facilitate the transfer. We will also help recover any additional costs caused by any delay where a supplier is at fault.

As part of our service, any delays caused by an error or fault by Circle17 will be compensated in full.

Circle17 will arrange the contract based on the information provided by the customer. Any contract will be sent via e-mail either as a DocuSign or pdf attachment to the customer to check the information is true, accurate and complete and will inform Circle17 of any errors or amendments prior to acceptance. Circle17 does not offer verbal acceptances or secure contracts over the phone.

The customer is reminded that ultimately it is their responsibility to validate the accuracy of any quotations/contracts presented.

Fees / Remuneration

There is no cost or obligation to obtain a price comparison or for Circle17 to tender for prices. However, by agreeing a contract via our service, you are accepting that your chosen supplier will then pay Circle17 a fee or commission for the introduction & managing the transfer process. Depending on the supplier, the current industrywide mechanism used for remuneration from suppliers to energy brokers/consultants is an “uplift commission fee”, which is included in the supplier’s price we offer by way of an uplift within your unit cost for energy. We ensure the customer is aware of this remuneration in all our communications with the customer from inception to completion.

This payment by the supplier to Circle17 is to support the work by Circle17 in obtaining the best solution for the client and to support the client through the full life of the contract. This support may comprise of additional services we offer as part of the support package. The commission we receive from each provider supports additional services, which include ongoing support, dedicated account management, potential bill checking, query management, dispute resolution, regulatory advice, renewal management and market updates.

By way of an example for electricity, we may secure a price for 13.5p/kwh and then add 0.5 p/kwh. This would then make the price 14.00 p/kwh. The uplift does depend on your energy usage and spend, length of contract, credit risk etc.

An Electricity client using 10,000 kwh would spend £1,500.00 on energy per annum based on the example above. We would therefore receive £50 commission per annum. This commission paid over the life of the contract allows us to continue to offer support services to the client.

By way of an example for Gas, we may secure a price for 4 p/kwh and then add 0.3 p/kwh. This would then make the price 4.3 p/kwh. The uplift does depend on your energy usage and spend, length of contract, credit risk etc and we keep it below the industry average.

A Gas client using 100,000 kwh would spend £4,300 on gas per annum based on the example above. We would therefore receive £300.00 commission per annum. This commission paid over the life of the contract allows us to continue to offer support services to the client.

Our uplifts depend on the size of contract, length of contract, consumption, and other factors such as credit risks, time invested, and services included. Our Average uplift across 2021 to 2022 was (0.97p/kwh) and will never exceed 1.00 p/kwh on gas and 2p/kw on electricity. We highlight commissions and under the microbusiness review, these will be clearly shown on all supplier paperwork.

By using our services, you agree that Circle17 is an independent energy brokerage and is not instructed to act as your agent or representative. In the event the relationship between you and us is held to be fiduciary nature, by accepting a quote and entering into our standard terms and conditions you agree that the uplift applied to your account is properly applied in return for customer management services and does not constitute a “Secret Profit” pursuant to which any fiduciary duties may be held to owe you are broken, provided we have not acted dishonestly in the management of your account.

We operate a strict policy to recommend suppliers based on price, service, and suitability to our client’s needs. We work with several suppliers across the UK and with an aggregator to expand our reach. This gives us access a wide range of the UK’s business energy suppliers’ prices, which are updated frequently and allows us to be highly competitive and offer a full range of support services to suit any business’s needs.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our customer team on 01244 667700 or info@circle17.co.uk.

Circle17 limited is signed up to the Energy Consultants Association and the Energy Ombudsman scheme and abides by :
Data Protection Act.
TPI Code of Practice.
Transparency & Accuracy
Transparent TPI Pricing & Product Information
Treating Customers Fairly
Clear Route for Dispute Resolution