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We helped customers enjoy huge savings on their business utility bills by helping them to switch to cheaper tariffs.

Red Diesel, Kerosene and Road Diesel from The Oil Depot

Providing a wide range of fuels and lubricants, countrywide at the best prices. The Oil Depot can supply Red Diesel, Road Diesel and Green Fuels for all appropriate applications such as generators, plant machinery, and industry. From 20l drums to 36,000l articulated wagon deliveries, and access to a fleet of well over 1000 delivery vehicles located all across the UK. With a large network of independent UKIFDA accredited suppliers, The Oil Depot can provide your business with resilient fuel and lubricants supply anywhere, at any time.

Over 1000 Delivery Vehicles Nationwide

Our extensive network of independent UKIFDA accredited suppliers operate UK wide.

Network of Independent Suppliers

We use our extensive network of suppliers to tender and negotiate the best prices for your business.

Constant Fuel Price Updates

Our fuel prices are revised hourly to ensure accurate, updated pricing information for our customers.

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